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Made fresh to order. Comes as a standard one person meal, increase amount added to the cart to increase the portions. 


Due to us sourcing & making all meals fresh to order, orders must be placed at least 72 hours (3 days) before delivery, if you would like something last minute, please get in touch, we will always do all we can.




2 x Cornish half shell scallops 

1 x Smokey topping

1 x Sweet and salty topping

LB Flavoured Butter

Lemon wedges for cooking


Served with:


Cranberry Tabbouleh (Turkish wheat salad)


**Portions come standard for one person, add more portions to the cart to increase the guests**


  • Everything is pre prepared fresh, pre weighed and portioned makingthe finishing touches super simple.. Requires around 5 minutes of your time in the kitchen... 


    Never cooked Scallops before ?.. I'll talk you through cooking them my way with some super simple instructions, as we at times add strong flavours to Scallops bringing out the flavour during the cooking process is integral to balance our toppings with the subtle Scallop.

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