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Not usually a fan of talking about ourselves but in times like these it seems somewhat necessary.


With around 15 years professional cooking experience, during the pandemic, searching for a resilient business  that could withstand the *new* normal, I set up Lobster Box. The aim was to offer holiday goers the ease of enjoying food which might not be easily attainable outside of a restaurant setting.  Lobster Box works alongside bespoke holiday providers throughout Cornwall delivering fresh, easy to finish seafood for guests to enjoy in their own way at their own pace. 

National delivery made available for those who simply cannot wait for their holiday.

Having learnt more about food &   the way in which flavours are delivered over the last 4 years, since launching Lobster Box in 2021. Kooked brings flavour to a wider audience.

For us good food is about thought and effort.

Utilising local produce we have developed a small menu of full flavoured ready meals which require minimal effort. With the intention of delivering restaurant quality flavours in the comfort of your holiday setting.

We enjoy a holiday or two and understand how hard it is to create flavour with minimal ingredients in the cupboard, we would like to fill that gap &   inspire some stay at home feelings whilst soaking up your stay.

We are KOOKED. It's not what it looks like thats important, its the way it makes you feel.

If you would like to touch base at all please feel free to drop us an email, we will reply before the tide goes out.

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